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"Boy Toy" Casual Wear and Gifts

This is the home of the provocative new line of casual wear and gifts, "Boy Toy!" Designs by Chivalry. We feature gifts for both him and her in their respective sections. Here you'll also find the latest gift items from our artists at Bembry Music

Here we offer just a sampling of our featured designs and products but we have 100's of items in our main store that cover everything from t-shirts to dorm decor! Visit Now!

"Boy Toy" Gifts for Her
Introducing "Boy Toy" The provocative new line of casual wear and gifts. For her, "I Need A Boy Toy!" For the woman who doesn't need any drama in her life, just her needs fulfilled!

"When she tells you that it's that time of the month, so there's no point in her coming over," then you know, "You're nothing but a Boy Toy!" Live with it!

Just a Part of Me!

Boy Toy Announces Online Shopping Portal With Great Deals

Boy Toy has developed and launched a new dedicated online shopping portal for its customers so that they now can order various types of merchandise online, all in one place. The brand has focused on getting its customers these great deals by collaborating with amazon.com to present specialty niche stores that are also owned and managed by Boy Toy.

Keeping the interests of their customers a priority here, they have focused mainly on bringing just the perfect products at the most competitive prices available anywhere. To stay in line with the latest trends and designs, Boy toy has laid a great deal of emphasis on only keeping the latest range of popular apparel and gifts in stock.

To bring more benefits to the customers, the brand has also established reward and incentive programs to show appreciation for the loyalty of the customers.  Get everything you need on Boy Toy easily while earning rewards points on every purchase and even for just sharing us on social media.

As an additional bonus, featured recipes for Italian Cuisine and wine recommendations have been added. A stunning picture gallery of various parts of Northern Italy is also included in hopes of inspiring others to seek adventure which were taken personally by Boy Toy founder David J. Bembry, who resides in both Los Angeles, CA and Rovereto, IT. Frequent updates can be expected!

We all like to have an app for almost everything these days so Boy Toy Casual has developed their own apps too just for the sake of the added convenience of their customers.  Best of all it’s FREE!

Boy Toy Casual Lifestyle welcomes everyone to join us as we grow in this endeavor. Time for adventure! “wanna play?”

Well what do you know! A brand new single from Chivalry, "Tonight!"

Founded in 1998 as a record label and launching pad for Smooth R&B Crooner, "Chivalry."

Today The Bembry Entertainment Group is a multifaceted company that brings you new independent music artists, provocative casual wear lines, business solutions, web design and development, social media and email marketing and consulting services.

As a pioneer of the Web and the new technologies that make it possible for anyone to bring their ideas and passions to the world, I’ve always aspired to help others to see the possibilities since the very beginning! Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or just good of heart, I hope to inspire you! 
Bembry Business Design Studio

Yours truly, David J. Bembry, aka Chivalry, aka Boy Toy! ;)

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