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Hello, I'm David!

I'm very fortunate in that I live in both the US and Italy. Here in Los Angeles, CA I work and live with 3 of my 4 sons as a single Dad for the last 15 years. My youngest, John is now attending college and when he's done I'll be going home to Italy to my beautiful wife Tiziana in Rovereto, Italy to  stay.

My life consists of working pretty much 24/7 until it's time to go home to Italy, which I do 3 times a year and have been at it for 5 years now. Who says a long distance relationship can't work? To that I say, "Love is Love." True love doesn't suffer due to boundaries. If it's true it flourishes regardless. <3

Living in a Medieval Castle in the Italian Countryside 
"If you choose to live in a castle, it's not the castle that adapts to you; you must adapt to the castle." Gianfranco Gibelli, the loving owner of the 8th-century Castle of Gropparello, located in what was once the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza in the Emilia-Romagna region, seems himself to come out of the past his no ordinary home is imbued with.

Out of sheer love, Gibelli bought what he saw as "a sleeping giant that wished to return to life", restored it and now, besides living in the castle with his family, offers highly entertaining guided tours; in addition, he organizes re-enactments of medieval banquets, has transformed one of the castle's towers into a romantic suite, and has created a park where children are led into a fairytale world, the first of its kind.  
- Read more at: Italian Magazine

LIFE! "The Ultimate Adventure!"

What I've found to be true about life is that no matter what your plans are, no matter what you believe your life will be, life can and will surprise you with a turn of events that you never saw coming and would never have dreamed of!
What are your dreams and passions?
We live in a unique time whereby anything really does seem possible!

In particular is the ability to create  your own business with the world at your finger tips. What could this mean for you? The ability to obtain true freedom to live and work anywhere in the world!

Find your passion and pursue it! That would be my message to any and everyone. You've got nothing to lose and if you think it couldn't happen to you, think again! It could! Whatever brings you happiness is attainable. It may take hard work, perseverance and patience but most things are quite possible. It comes down to one thing. 

"How bad do you want it?" 

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