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The casual lifestyle is an expression of all that brings happiness, wonder and contentment to the individual. Casual living is the enjoyment of all activities involved in your day to day routines. Simply put, all of the things that bring you health, happiness and optimism for better days ahead.

My adventures take me back and forth between Los Angeles and Italy so I've included a gallery where I'll share pics and videos. Of course I had to also include a page on Food & Wines of Italy to share with you all. 

It is my sincere hope that I might inspire others to live life to the fullest despite the wrongs of the world.

Whatever your lifestyle, be free, full of wonder, be inspired to live happy! #restart

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Life is for Living!
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The term "Casual Living" is in itself a bit misleading. The casual lifestyle is more about drive and determination to take life on to the fullest! The simple act of relaxing on a beach and taking in the view with peace of mind takes on the aspect of conquering life and making it your own.                                                                                       
Take time to relax, reflect and then get ready to #restart! Adventure awaits and it's all up to you! Spend time with loved ones, visit new places and experience new things! The world really is at your finger tips.

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Eating well, travel and adventure and being healthy and feeling fit overall contribute to the casual lifestyle in the most profound ways in that it all leaves you feeling inspired to do more! "Casual Living Leads to Greater Self-Awareness" 
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