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I'm fortunate that my wife is Italian and living in Italy so I've got the inside track for sure on who and what's of good  taste. ;) In fact she gave me so many good leads today that I don't know where to start! Thank you my Tiziana <3

Get ready for some of the best recipes from some of the best cooks online and maybe even a few from Tiziana! She often likes to substitute ingredients in recipes to suit her own tastes and all I can tell you is that I pretty much just eat whatever she puts in front of me and I'm as picky as anyone can get! 

Brasato al vino rosso (Beef Braised in Red Wine)

There’s nothing like a good pot roast on a cold winter’s day! Though it may come as a surprise to some, Italians also make pot roast, which is known variously as brasato or stracotto, but with a ‘continental’ twist: the favorite cooking medium for Italian pot roast is red wine.

Tagliatelle ‘del contadino’

Difficulty Level      Cooking Time      Cost
Low                            15 minutes            Low

by Amy Gulick, The Bittersweet Gourmet

The cucina povera has been described as the art of cooking combined with the art of getting along (or l’arte d’arrangiarsi). To feed a family of farmers and laborers, Italian peasants of times past relied on so-called ‘poor’ ingredients to craft satisfying and flavorful dishes, many of which have evolved into Italy’s best known and beloved recipes. In Tuscany, for instance, this marriage of economy and ingenuity lives on in a variety of stale bread-based soups and salads, like panzanella, ribolitta, and pappa al pomodoro; as well as a host of dishes made from animals parts today generally considered unusable, if not outright repugnant to some (intestines, tongues, brains, and so on). The Tuscan specialties trippa all fiorentina and crostini di fegatini, together with salumi products like blood sausage and head cheese, all derive from an inherent philosophy of never wasting any edible part of a slaughtered animal—a luxury no peasant could afford.

Bolzano Apple Cake

Somewhere up in the culinary expansiveness of the northeastern Italian countryside where Italy begins to edge toward Austria and Switzerland and cultures and languages co-mingle, there are quiet sighs of pleasure because of an astonishing apple pastry. 

The world is full of lots of incredible apple cakes. Some are plugged with spice or rum, some are fortified with toasted nuts or glaze. Others are simple and rustic and so purely delicious they elicit your full attention. This is that kind of cake.

Lots more to come! Check back frequently so you don't miss our Holiday Special treats!  Bon Appétit
Canederli in Brodo: Bread Dumplings in Broth

The dumplings are known as knödel in German, and you will also find versions in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, among other places. They are typically made with bread, potatoes or semolina and poached in broth or salted water. You can serve them in the broth, or as a side dish for a roast or stew. They are also good dressed with herbed butter.

In Alto Adige, canederli usually contain speck, smoked prosciutto produced in the region. I sometimes use mortadella and salami. You can make them vegetarian by using chopped spinach in place of the meat.

Canederli are not difficult to make, but they can be tricky. Pack them too loosely and they will fall apart in the broth; make them too sturdy and you’ll end up with little boulders. Some things to keep in mind: Read More

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